Kathy Henry

Kathy Henry – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Kathy Henry is an author and professor, specializing in teaching and research related to public health topics. With experience in basic science research such as molecular physiology, Kathy holds several publications to her name.

Episode 4 of The Last of Us dropped several hints that Sam and Henry are brothers; Kathleen discovers a drawing which shows Sam and Henry dressed up like superheroes – another clue suggesting their familial relationship.

Early Life and Education

Kathy enjoyed camping by the river, tending her garden, working on home projects and spending time with family. She loved laughing with friends and helping others; Kathy was especially fond of making children feel at ease and always made them feel welcome in her presence.

Despite her failing health, she kept an optimistic and positive attitude, continuing as a leave replacement math teacher at Preston High School and participating in Lamplighter–a Christian renewal experience for women.

Kathleen offers compassionate support for issues including shame, anxiety and depression; addictions; codependency; eating disorders; self-injury/self-harm behaviors and work/life balance issues. As someone who has endured their own recovery journey she knows first-hand the struggles associated with these conditions; she is committed to helping people through difficult times.

Professional Career

Kathleen Henry serves as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Eastern Bankshares, Inc., Eastern Bank and its subsidiaries including Eastern Insurance Group LLC. As such she acts as primary legal advisor to both Board of Directors and senior management while also performing numerous legal activities pertaining to human resources governance and corporate compliance.

Prior to joining Eastern in 2016, she was a litigation partner at Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP where she handled both reinsurance and general liability defense matters. Additionally, she served as a member of Northeastern University School of Law’s Women in the Law Conference advisory board and trustee for Boston Bar Foundation.

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Achievement and Honors

Kathy Henry has proven her professional success while also actively engaging in numerous community initiatives. She sits on the board of directors of Political Asylum Immigration Representation Project and as trustee for Insurance Library Association of Boston.

As well as her work at Lamplighter, she serves as a mentor for law students. A member of Women Business Opportunities and Connections and Lamplighter for over 10 years.

In 2019, she received a Baccalaureate Award from Columbia University based on GPA. This honor recognizes students who have created, improved or enhanced services or programs which positively impacted campus community; Latin Honors awards only apply based on GPA distinction and only given to top 25 percent of graduating classes.

Personal Life

Kathy Henry is married and the proud mother of two children. She enjoys the finer things like beauty, style and delicious cuisine – not to mention spending quality time with her family and being involved with charitable efforts. Kathy Henry also serves on numerous boards to raise funds and awareness for various causes in her community.

As Secretary and Board Member for Eastern Bankshares, Inc. and Eastern Bank, she oversees their legal team that handles governance activities for these entities. Prior to that she served as General Counsel/Deputy General Counsel of Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation before becoming a Litigation Partner at Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP specializing in insurance/reinsurance litigation matters.

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Net Worth

Kathy has also branched out beyond television into amateur athletics. She served on both the NCAA men’s and women’s swimming committees and as part of the Eastern College Athletic Conference executive council.

She has also written multiple books and regularly speaks on topics pertaining to mental health, parenting, relapse recovery, and addictions – offering an understanding ear for many issues related to recovery herself.

Kathy is a major donor to healthcare and educational charities through her family foundation, co-founding BostonSight and owning an exquisite 35,000 square foot house in Brookline. Kathy serves as an independent director at Lululemon Athletica Inc and made over 6 insider transactions within 18 months in its stock. Kathy is also an avid Red Sox fan often seen wearing signature dark-rimmed glasses.

Kathy Henry
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