Katy Rodriguez Is a Valuable Asset to the Resurrection Vintage Team

Katy Rodriguez’s background in commercial real estate finance, along with her love of wine, has made her a valuable asset to the Resurrection Vintage team. While at the bank, she supported the management of a $1 billion commercial real estate portfolio. Before that, she served as a Financial Analyst at Harvard University, responsible for the analysis and budgeting of over 2.5 million square feet of university real estate. Rodriguez was also an Account Executive for Capital Source Bank in Chevy Chase, MD.

Resurrection Vintage

The global flagship store of Katy Rodriguez’s Resurrection-Vintage brand is the premier location for vintage fashion. It is a boutique that also houses the legendary Fashion Archive. The store features the best of 20th- and 21st-century design. It has also expanded its sartorial focus by including more books, ephemera and objects related to fashion.

After opening a Los Angeles store in 2001, Resurrection began archiving their collections and has since become a coveted resource for museums worldwide. The shop will feature 70 McQueen couture clothes from his entire career. The archive is already large, spanning decades from the early 1960s to the present. This prestigious fashion archive makes Resurrection Vintage the go-to place for designers and clients looking to buy coveted vintage.

In addition to its acclaimed collection of vintage clothing, Resurrection has also collaborated with luxury auctioneer Christie’s to offer a series of collections. Resurrection’s London sale will be held on October 30. The L.A. outpost of the shop will feature conceptual 1990s looks and a 400-piece collection. There will be a bicoastal location in the near future.

Resurrection’s flagship store is an international destination for vintage clothing. In addition to retail boutiques, Resurrection Vintage also operates a historic archive studio, where visitors can view hundreds of years’ worth of clothing. Resurrection Vintage’s archive catalogue is a great resource for researching fashion, design, media, and other industries. The company has also increased its sartorial focus by adding more books and ephemera.

Katy Rodriguez Wimberly

A physics Ph.D. student at the University of California, Irvine, has received a new award to recognize her achievements. She was nominated to the Bullock Award, which honors academic achievement as well as community service. Rodriguez Wimberly has been instrumental in the transformation of the graduate student experience in the Physics & Astronomy department. She co-founded the program with Arianna Long, who will soon join her as part of the University’s Inclusive Excellence Committee.

Katy Rodriguez Wimberly, who has just completed her Ph.D. at Cal State Long Beach in Physics, will be transferring her National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship from the University of California, Irvine. Rodriguez Wimberly has a background in physics and was named an inaugural UC CSU-Cal-Bridge Scholar. She is a Southern California native and has done outreach for students with special needs in K-12.

Her career

Katy Rodriguez moved to California after a decade of living in New York. She co-founded Resurrection along with Mark Haddawy, her business partner. She designed the caitie et marc capsule collection with Mark in 2000, and then set out to develop her own collection, Katy Rodriguez. The following year, she attended the California Design Biennial, where she received the Moss Adams Fashion Innovator Award.

Her family

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Katy Rodriguez’s family, you’ve probably wondered about her background. After all, she’s half Latina and her dad was a Marine. Although she didn’t go to college, her parents came from Mexico and immigrated to the United States. Her father, who had just finished high school, enlisted in navy to integrate his children into American culture. The Marines weren’t the only ones interested in her heritage.

Katie lives with her grandmother. When she’s not with her mother, she’s with her father. Katie enjoys going out with her father when she’s not with her mother. Katie spends these times stewing and making phone calls to friends. Her mother doesn’t enjoy hearing Katie’s thoughts. She knows better than to call her mother at work, but she doesn’t. The two of them live in a small apartment suspended over the city.

She was born in Los Angeles and has raised her two children in Orange County. Both her parents and her sister studied at Cal State Long Beach, while both of them attended UC Irvine. She has won multiple awards and honors for her research and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in astronomy. She’s a renowned scholar and first-generation college student. Her research interests include observational Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution. She also works with K-12 Special needs students and underrepresented minority students.

Her epiphany

Katy Rodriguez, a Ph.D. student in Physics, recently completed a groundbreaking research project about the origins galaxies. Working with Professor Michael Cooper, Rodriguez studied the most ancient galaxies in the Universe. After graduation, she will go on to a postdoctoral position at UC Riverside, funded by a National Science Foundation fellowship. This project is an exciting example of how epiphanies can be a powerful catalyst for change.

Katy Rodriguez Is a Valuable Asset to the Resurrection Vintage Team
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