Kaufmanns Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

If you want to make a delicious cookie, you can follow Kaufmanns thumbprint cookie recipe. These cookies are very tasty and can be used as gifts. To create these cookies, you should combine flour, baking soda, and confectioners’ sugar. Sift these ingredients onto a sheet of waxed paper. Stir in the nuts and then press down to create a thumbprint. When cool, fill with jam.

Adding a few pecans, raisins, or chocolate chips will also make these tasty cookies extra special. This recipe yields five doz. of cookies, which is perfect for a cookie platter. This simple yet delicious cookie recipe is easy to follow and yields a large batch, which makes for a great gift. After you’ve mixed up the dough, add the vanilla extract and cream cheese. Next, add the sugar, flour, baking soda, and egg. If desired, add a few chopped nuts. Once the dough is well mixed, insert the thumbprint into the center of each one. Bake the cookies for 8 to 10 minutes and allow them to cool.

The first version of Kaufmann’s Thumbprint Cookies appeared in Pittsburgh in the 1870s, and the Arcade Bakery was among its longest-running locations. Then, in the 1980s, Ulrich began baking the famous cookies at his Arcade Bakery. In this role, he was given free rein to experiment with flavors and created a wide variety of varieties. This resulted in a cookie that became a classic Pittsburgh treat.

The Arcade Bakery in downtown Pittsburgh made the original Kaufmanns Thumbprint cookie famous. This delicious treat was adopted by Prantl’s Bakery and has a long tradition of being a local favorite. This bakery has more than 60 different flavors and is considered the oldest in Pittsburgh. The original Kaufmanns Thumbprint Cookie recipe can be found at the website below. It’s easy to find online recipes for this recipe, so take your time to look for them. Then, enjoy!

When you have company, Kaufmanns is a great choice for a gift. This traditional Pittsburgh bakery has a delicious and popular thumbprint cookie recipe. It is easy to find and will make a great cookie platter for guests. The classic version of this cookie has been around for more than a century, and you’ll have to make sure you have plenty of time to try it yourself! It’s an old-fashioned favorite that everyone will love.

Kaufmanns thumbprint cookies are a favorite for all Pittsburghers. The cookies were famous in the 1970s and have a long history in the city. The Arcade Bakery was one of the first bakeries in Pittsburgh to create these cookies. Then, it continued to make them for over 30 years. The original, iconic cookie is now available as a delicious and enduring gift. You can use it for holidays and for everyday gifts.

If you are looking for a simple, delicious cookie, try Kaufmann’s thumbprint cookie recipe. The icing-filled cookies are an iconic Pittsburgh pastry, and are a delicious treat for families and friends. You can fill them with any kind of preserves you want. This classic baked cookie is a great gift idea for holidays and special occasions. And as a bonus, it makes a great cookie platter.

The icing-covered cookies are three inches high and two inches thick. The cookies are a Pittsburgh staple. They are a favorite snack in the city and have been around since the 1980s. The original recipe was created by the Kaufmann’s Arcade Bakery, but many have adapted it to make it their own. In addition to the famous cookie, you can make them in any flavor you want.

You can find countless versions of this cookie recipe online. This recipe is the most popular type of kaufmanns thumbprint cookie. Whether you want a traditional or a gourmet version, a Kaufmanns thumbprint cookie recipe is an excellent option. It will help you create a unique dessert that is perfect for any celebration. These cookies are also good for gifts. And they’re perfect for parties!

Kaufmanns Thumbprint Cookie Recipe
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