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Kay One is a German rapper also known as Prince Kay One. He started rapping when he was 13 when he was in the woods with his brother and a friend. They began to learn about the experiences they had had all day. How rich is Kay One?

Rapper. Born on September 7, 1984 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Kay One fortune is estimated at around 5.3 million euros. In 2001 he took part in the Royal Rumble in Stuttgart, the largest rap competition in Germany, and won after several battles. During this time he founded the duo Chablife with his rapper colleague Jaysus. At the age of 17, Kay One and Jaysus signed with the underground hip-hop label Royal Bunker. At the end of December 2006 he met rapper Bushido and signed with ersguterjunge in 2007. Kay One gained popularity through guest appearances on his label mates’ albums and free tracks on the Internet.

Bourgeois name: Kenneth Glöckler
Parents: Oliver Brodowski, Anne Bagadiong
Kay One size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2001
Cooperation with: Mario Winans, Shindy, Patrick Miller, Fler, Mike Singer, Pietro Lombardi, Tory Lanez, Cassandra Steen.

What is Kay One’s net worth?
Kay One’s net worth is currently € 5.3 million.

Record labels: Embassy of Music, Prince Kay One GmbH, Ersguterjunge.
Music genres: German hip-hop, rap.
Debut studio album: Kenneth Home Alone (2010).

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Kay One fortune

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