Kayentis Help Desk Expands US Operations

kayentis help desk expands us operations 36188

If you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency of clinical trials, Kayentis can be the answer. With a focus on patient engagement, the company has been able to scale its team while maintaining high quality customer support. Kayentis has received funding from several investors including Accel Partners and the Philadelphia Life Sciences incubator. The company’s new offices are conveniently located near Philadelphia’s vibrant high tech community. This makes it an ideal location to expand its US operations.

Kayentis’ platform is designed to improve the management of hybrid and decentralized clinical trials by removing logistical challenges. It brings key elements of clinical trials closer to patients, and Kayentis has been working on five new projects with EBP companies, which are companies that spend less than $200 million on R&D each year. These projects are addressing unmet needs in rare diseases, oncology, inflammation, and hematology.

Kayentis Help Desk Expands US Operations
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