Klaus Hommel’s fortune

Klaus Hommels is a venture capitalist based in Zurich, Switzerland. Focusing on early stage and growth stage investments, he has created his own venture capital fund called Lakestar, through which he has invested primarily in internet companies. How rich is Klaus Hommels?

Venture capitalist. Born on February 17, 1967 in Germany. Klaus Hommel’s fortune is estimated at around 1.9 billion euros. Hommels studied at the University of Friborg, Switzerland, where he earned a Master of Science in business administration and also a doctorate in finance. After graduation, he worked as a managing director on business development, content and advertising for AOL. He has been involved in successful internet investments such as Skype, Facebook and Xing. In 2009 it became known that Hommels had invested in the start-up Spotify. In the course of this announcement, he also became a member of the board of directors. He was an early stage investor in the company, valued at approximately £ 20 million to £ 30 million.

Bourgeois name: Klaus Hommels
Klaus Hommel’s size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1992
Training: University of Freiburg

What is the net worth of Klaus Hommels?
Klaus Hommels’ assets are currently € 1.9 billion.

Established organization: Lakestar
Important work: Venture capital
Is also often searched for: Jürgen Rudloff, Hubert Freidl, Alexandra Schörghuber, Mike Markkula.

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Klaus Hommel’s fortune

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