Kool Sava’s net worth

Kool Savas is a German rapper and hip hop artist. Together with Taktlo $$ he formed the very influential German rap duo Westberlin Masculin (1997-2000). He was also a founding member of the German rap crew Masters of Rap in 1996. To this day, Kool Savas is one of the most successful German rappers. How rich is Kool Savas?

Rapper. Born on February 10, 1975 in Aachen, Germany. Kool Sava’s net worth is estimated at around 6 million euros. In 2012 he also worked in Xavas, a duo formation with Xavier Naidoo, a German soul and R&B singer, and the actor on the album Gespaltene Demokratie. The two had worked together on a number of other publications.

Bourgeois name: Savaş Yurderi
Nicknames: King Kool Savas, SAV
Kool Savas size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1995
Cooperation with: Azad, Sido, Moe Mitchell, Olli Banjo, Senna, Tim Bendzko, Marteria, Samra.

What is the net worth of Kool Savas?
Kool Savas’ net worth is currently € 6 million.

Record labels: Optik Records, Essah Entertainment.
Music genres: German hip hop, battle rap.
Debut studio album: The best day of my life (2002).

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Kool Sava’s net worth

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