Kristin Tutor Ebert’s Net Worth


Kristin Tutor Ebert is a well-known American interior designer. She has been associated with several boutiques. In addition, she owns her clothing shop. The designer has also opened her art gallery.


Ronald Tutor, a well-known businessman, is her father, and Alia Tutor is her mother.

Her father is a renowned businessman and CEO of Tutor Perini. Tutor’s father is also a film producer.

Early life 

According to her biography, Kristin Tutor Ebert was born in Hidden Hills, California. She grew up in a Christian family. 

When Kristin Tutor was a child, she had a knack for fashion. She began designing clothes with her mother. Since her childhood, she has been a popular celebrity and she has built a strong name for herself. She loved working with colors, shapes, and textures, so this had a lasting impact on her art. This helped her develop an appreciation for both interiors and art, which piqued her interest in interior design as a career later in life. Even though she found the work to be exciting and challenging, She quickly realized that starting a business was more important to her than anything else.


She went to school and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in design. From there, she decided to take up a career in the fashion industry.


Kristin began working as a production assistant after graduating from college, where she had the opportunity to assist with several films, including Spartan and The Whole Ten Yards.

Kristin opened Aura, a high-end fashion boutique, in August 2006. She featured Proenza Schouler and Isabel Marant fashion lines and worked with well-known fashion designers like Zac Posen.

She opened Little Aura, a children’s clothing store, in 2007.

Kristin Tutor Eberts decided in 2011 to concentrate on interior design rather than her retail stores after running Aura for five years. 

She then established Tutor Eberts Design, becoming one of the most well-known interior designers in the United States.

Kristin’s interior design company, TutorEberts Design, has focused on incorporating aspects of her travel and lifestyle experiences into the brand. Her expertise in art and lighting, which is essential for being an interior designer, is the foundation for the work that her customers receive. Her work with colors, patterns, and textures has also helped her with her work.

Net worth 

Her net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. She lives in a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. Kristin Tutor Ebert’s home is located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Her custom-built house is valued at around $30 million. The tutor is a great lover of fashion, as she also owns a clothing boutique. Her sales are estimated to be tens of millions of dollars. Aside from that, she also earns money from various organizations. 

Social Media 

Tutor has an Instagram account, which is tagged by the name “Kristin tutor.” There are around 1,500 followers on her account.

Nevertheless, she has kept her social media accounts quiet. But she advertises her homes on Instagram.


She has two children with her husband, Christopher Eberts. Their first daughter, Stella, was born in 2009. 


Despite her young age, the designer has managed to build a strong reputation in the fashion industry.

The tutor is one of the key members of the Sports and Entertainment branch of Douglas Elliman.

Her commitment to excellence can be seen through her various awards and accolades such as the Black Engineer Achievement Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship, which she won in 2012.


In conclusion, Kristin Tutor Ebert has made a name for herself as an Interior designer. Her creativity and unique style have enabled her to reach millions of fans around the world. Through her career, she has been able to share her personal stories and authentically struggles with the world. Her success story demonstrates that hard work, dedication, and creativity can create great rewards for those who pursue their dreams. 

Kristin Tutor Ebert’s Net Worth
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