Kubota KX057-5 Price New

kubota kx057 5 price new 52666

The Kubota KX057-5 Compact Excavator is a new addition to the Kubota line. The KX057-5 is a new machine that features a clean Tier 4 engine, a 6-ton class bucket, and easy pattern change. It also has standard LED working lights. It has a better HVAC system to provide faster cooling or defrosting.

The Kubota KX057-5 is a powerful, compact excavator that has a power rating of 47.6 hp. This excavator has a ground clearance of 12.2 inches, a two-speed travel system, and an engine that runs on Tier 4 emissions. It has a bucket breakout force of 10,172 pounds and an optional angle hydraulic blade.

Kubota KX057-5 Price New
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