Kynadie Adams

Kynadie Adams is a Talented Golfer With a Promising Career

Kynadie Adams is an 18-year-old golfer from Nashville, Tennessee who has been recruited by various schools to compete college golf.

Since coming to prominence as both an exceptional poker player and remarkable character, she has garnered much praise both for her abilities on the table as well as for her extraordinary behavior during an ECWPT event earlier this spring. After tying fellow rookie pro Therese Warner for first place at an ECWPT tournament this spring, she conceded a playoff to Warner in order to allow her to keep her entire $10,000 first-place prize.

Early Life and Education

Kynadie Adams is an expert at college recruiting. Her home base includes Nashville, Tenn. – home of Ole Miss as well as other top programs which have given her an advantage in recruiting over her classmates. As an adolescent, she honed her competitive spirit at the collegiate level where her talents were recognized with selection for the national championship team and later received a full scholarship to attend University of Alabama. Rarely is someone able to claim winning both an NCAA title and being on the verge of receiving a significant scholarship award, yet Adams does just that. Not only is she an outstanding golfer but she’s also an exemplary member of her family; conscientious and caring; team player; her unyielding dedication has provided the basis of a long, successful and prosperous career in golf and teamwork.

Professional Career

Kynadie Adams is an avid runner and golfer who dedicates much of her free time helping children and seniors in her community. Additionally, she works with clients in the insurance industry.

Her career began on the PGA Tour before she transitioned to LPGA tournaments. She has found great success, winning several times in Japan as well as at the 1995 Women’s Australian Open tournament.

Adams is eagerly looking forward to her inaugural USGA individual championship and hopes to reach the quarterfinals.

Isabella van der Biest and Kynadie Adams made history at Alabama by simultaneously accomplishing incredible feats within 24 hours. Both players, Isabella van der Biest and Kynadie Adams, became Alabama’s first golfers ever to achieve both an albatross and hole-in-one simultaneously at one tournament.

Achievement and Honors

Adams stands out as an outstanding student when it comes to academic achievements. Her high school record was outstanding and she earned several academic accolades – even graduation with honors!

She’s been recognized for her outstanding academic achievements by multiple colleges and universities, as well as being inducted into numerous honor societies and associations.

This young lady has already experienced an exceptional 2022 season. One of the highlights was competing at Olde Stone Golf Course in Bowling Green, Kentucky for U.S. Girls’ Junior championship.

Personal Life

Kynadie Adams managed to squeeze golf into her already busy acting schedule and has had great success at both amateur and professional levels since working with golf instructor Sean Foley since she was young. Working alongside Sean, Kynadie has had great success both with amateur golf associations such as AJGA as well as on professional tours.

Adams made her mark at the Lake Jovita Women’s Championship of East Coast Women’s Pro Golf Tour event in Dade City, Florida. Adams shot a 67 to force a playoff, which she ultimately won by tying an emerging professional – her first time ever and earning a $10,000 check as prize!

Net Worth

Kynadie Adams is a professional golfer with an impressive net worth, thanks to her success in business. Her wealth is the result of following her passion and she serves as an example of how anyone can achieve financial freedom by following their passions. At over $2 Million currently, her assets include home, car, jewelry and an investment portfolio – plus she plans on doubling her income by age 40! Additionally she set an average annual growth rate for assets so her net worth increases over 10 years.

Kynadie Adams
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