L.A. Mike

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L.A. Mike is a gangsta rapper from Nashville, TN. His stage name comes from the housing complex he grew up in called Litton Apartments. His albums are excellent, but they are hard to find. We’ve listed a few of his best tracks for your enjoyment. Continue reading to learn more about his life. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide whether he’s right for your neighborhood.

The first thing to consider about Mike Bishop is his record of public safety. He’s a leading voice for neighborhood safety and has championed reforms to the LAPD. His outstanding work in public safety has included promoting the expansion and expansion of the Los Angeles Fire Department, as well as expanding emergency response. These are just a few examples of the many things Mike Bishop is an effective advocate. But the other things he’s done deserve mention, too.

When it comes to homelessness, Bishop has been a progressive voice for those seeking quick solutions. He’s fought for the inclusion of affordable units in master-leasing projects and shared housing and safe parking sites. He was also the first elected official in LA to champion these ideas, and he has earned praise for standing up against the opposition to homeless housing. Mike Bishop’s record regarding homelessness makes him a worthy candidate for the city’s next election.

L.A. Mike Richardson was an NFL defensive back who was a success. His career included six seasons playing for the Chicago Bears. He was a second-round draft pick from Arizona State University and ended his career with a victory over Oklahoma University in the 1982 Fiesta Bowl. This made him famous throughout the country. During his career, Richardson had over 20 interceptions and was an exceptional playmaker. Richardson was even featured solo in the “Super Bowl Shuffle” rap video.

L.A. Mike
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