Laas Unltd. assets

Laas Unltd. is a German rapper. He started rapping at the age of 15, first under the pseudonym Laas MC, then switched to Laas Minute before choosing Laas Unltd. How rich is Laas Unltd.?

Rapper. Born on December 25, 1981 in Gütersloh, Germany. Laas Unltd. assets is estimated at around 500 thousand euros. After a couple of recordings with a short-lived rap crew called Stammtisch, Laas became a member of the Hamburg production team Fall City, which produced his first album, the masterpiece released in 2006 – a joint album with Rano.

Bourgeois name: Lars Daniel Hammerstein
Laas Unltd. size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2001
Cooperation with: Fler, Harris, Kool Savas, Franky Kubrick, Olli Banjo, Bushido, Shindy.

What is the net worth of Laas Unltd.?
Assets of Laas Unltd. currently at € 500 thousand.

Record labels: Major Movez.
Music genres: German hip-hop, rap.
Debut studio album: Laas Unltd. Begins! (2007).

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Laas Unltd. assets

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