Lance Tsosie Net Worth – How Much Is Lance Tsosie Worth?


Lance Tsosie is an American native who became popular as a content creator on TikTok. He is known for his invention of the phrase “hello colonizer”, which is used to describe racists and white supremacists. In addition to his work as a content creator, Lance Tsosie is a native activist who is dedicated to bringing attention to the issues faced by Indigenous peoples.

Early life 

Lance Tsosie was born in the United States on October 25, 1990. He was raised in the Navajo Nation, a reservation in Arizona. When he was eleven, his parents moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 


After graduating high school, he attended the University of Denver where he earned a degree in political science.


He is a social media star who has a lot to say about native American culture and the issues facing the country. He uses the platform to inform three million followers of the many issues facing the Navajo Nation and the rest of the indigenous population. Aside from his TikTok videos, he has also launched a merchandise line with the phrase “hello colonizer”. It is unclear if this item is sold on his own.

Currently, Tsosie is best known for his role as “Modern Warrior,” a TikTok superstar. His videos highlight important community updates and Native American culture. He also posts different types of photos and videos from his life.

Net worth 

As of 2022, Lance Tsosie’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Social media 

He is also a social media star who has over three million followers on TikTok. In his first TikTok, he featured a sunset on a Navajo Nation property. This video has garnered over 38 million likes, and it has become a viral hit. 


Despite his popularity, Lance Tsosie has never publicly revealed details about his romantic relationships. One of his ex-girlfriends, Chelsea Hart, claimed that he had an unprotected sexual relationship with her. Various videos of this incident have been released on YouTube. However, Tsosie has declined to comment on the incident. Some speculate that he is dating a woman, but has yet to make an official announcement. The couple met in high school. Until now, they have kept their relationship under wraps.

Lance Tsosie has a mysterious wife but has kept his private life under wraps. While he does not openly reveal his relationship, he has mentioned that he would tie the knot in the future.


TikTok fans can thank him for the phrase “hello colonizer”, but he is not the only celebrity to use the term. Miranda Hart and Lance Armstrong have both built large followings with similar claims. Although the latter’s claim has drawn the most ire, both parties have done much to raise awareness about sexism and racism.

TikTok stars like Lance Tsosie have a lot to say, but their videos often get a bad rap. For example, some fans are irked by his use of the word “hello” to refer to racists. On the other hand, others have been enthused by his videos and his willingness to tackle the subject head-on


In conclusion, Lance Tsosie has made a name for himself as a content creator.

His creativity and unique style have enabled him to reach millions of fans around the world. But despite his fame and popularity, the tik tok star has never been married. His real name is Lance Tsosie, but he is better known as the “Modern Warrior.”

Lance Tsosie Net Worth – How Much Is Lance Tsosie Worth?

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