Lane Frost and the Takin’ Care of Business Bull

lane frost and the takin care of business bull 18800

Takin’ Care of Business is the name of a bull that injured Lane Frost in 1990 during the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. The bull broke his ribs and lungs during its 8-second ride. Although he eventually recovered, his legacy lives on. His death was the most horrific event in Cheyenne rodeo history, and it’s hard to imagine a more tragic ending. After his death, a bronze statue honoring Takin’ Care of the bull has been erected in his memory.

After making a name for himself as a world champion bull rider, Lane Frost was killed on one of the rides. He was on Takin’ Care of Business, and he dismounted when the animal charged him. The horn shattered his ribs and caused severe internal injuries. The bull died shortly after. The bronze bronc was dedicated to him and his family. However, the incident did not end well for Takin’ Care of Business.

In 1989, Lane Frost, a champion bull rider, was struck by the horn of the Takin’ Care of Business bull. He was unable to get up and tried to call for help, but the bull struck him in the back. While he rose to his feet and walked a few steps, the horn cut through Frost’s ribs. He was rushed to Memorial Hospital and died a few hours later. The tragedy is tragic because Frost was 25 years old and finished third in the event.

Takin Care of Business was retired in the 1990s and was put out to stud until his death in 1999. The tragedy is tragic as a world champion bull rider was killed while taking his last ride. The bull was named Takin’ Care of the Businesses and it was named after the man who had ridden it. The owner, Freckles Brown, was a famous rodeo cowboy and his mentor.

After the bull’s final ride, Lane Frost was injured on the horse. The Takin’ Care of Business bull struck him with its horn. The rider, named Lane Frost, was able to dismount without injury. As the bull continued to charge, it broke his ribs and killed him. His family were shocked and mourned his death. Sadly, the fatality of the bull was a tragedy for all involved.

It’s no secret that Takin Care of Business was a great bull. It had won a world championship in bull riding. After a few years, it was retired to stud and ridden by Freckles Brown. Despite his popularity, it was a tragic accident, and it took Lane Frost’s life. In 1989, he was just twenty-five-years-old when he took his last ride on the Takin’s Care of Business bull.

Takin Care of Business was a world champion bull rider. He was a champion in rodeo for many years and was buried next to the legendary cowboy Freckles Brown. He died of the injuries sustained in the bull’s last ride. After the incident, Takin’s horn broke the ribs of the rodeo rider, causing him to fall to the ground. The horn struck his back, causing serious injuries.

Takin Care of Business was a great bull that had won the World Finals Rodeo in 1990. He was also a great bull rider, but unfortunately, it was a tragic accident. He died while riding the Takin’s Care of Business bull and was hit in the back with the horn. In this tragic incident, the horn of the Takin’s Care of the Big Business bull struck the rider’s back, breaking his ribs and killing him instantly. It is unknown whether the horn of the beast killed him, but it was enough to bring about a tragic outcome.

The Takin’ Care of Business bull was named after a popular rodeo in Oklahoma. The horn of the Takin’ Care of Business bull killed the rider, Lane Frost. The ringmaster was a world champion in rodeo when the incident happened. The bucking bull was a big hit at the event. This is a tragedy for anyone involved. In a cowboy’s last ride, his life is on the line.

Lane Frost and the Takin’ Care of Business Bull
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