Lars Hinrich’s fortune

Lars Hinrichs is a German entrepreneur and investor. Hinrichs is best known as the founder of XING, a social networking website that focuses on Germany but is available worldwide and mainly dedicated to maintaining business contacts. How rich is Lars Hinrichs?

Entrepreneur. Born on December 18, 1976 in Hamburg, Germany. Lars Hinrich’s fortune is estimated at around 100 million euros. In 2003, Hinrichs founded Open Business Club GmbH, today’s XING AG, in which business people as well as students and job seekers maintain their contacts. In December 2006 he went public with XING and led the company to a profitable company with annual sales of 35 million euros and an EBITDA margin of 35 percent. On January 15, 2009, he stepped down from his position as CEO and joined the Board of Directors. In November 2009, Lars Hinrichs sold his shares in XING to Hubert Burda Media. Accordingly, in January 2010 he gave up his membership on the XING Board of Directors.

Bourgeois name: Lars Hinrichs
Lars Hinrichs size: 1.86 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1998

What is the net worth of Lars Hinrichs?
Lars Hinrichs’ assets are currently € 100 million.

Established organizations: Xing, HackFwd
Books: Code switching on the web
Is also often searched for: Petra von Strombeck, Thomas Vollmoeller, Lukasz Gadowski, Markus Fuhrmann.

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Lars Hinrich’s fortune

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