Len Johnson – Father of Tristan Johnson-King

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Len Johnson is a tattoo artist in Halifax. Len has been tattooing since 1997. He started his career in Montreal and has been with Utility for eight years. He has a background in all styles of tattooing and is often seen at conventions across Canada. Tristan Johnson-King’s father is Len. He is survived by his wife Josephine Johnson, son Tristan Johnson-King, daughter Rebecca Johnson, and step-son Sar-Terence.

Peter Donovan interviewed Len King recently for his Don Dunstan Foundation. The interview covered King’s life, his childhood, and the social reforms that were implemented by the Dunstan government. Len King also discusses issues related to the Dunstan period. King was an influential and unique figure in South Australian politics. However, his many contributions to society are best known for his work as a chief justice.

Len Johnson – Father of Tristan Johnson-King
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