Leonard Fournette Makes NFL History With 90 Yard TD

leonard fournette makes nfl history with 90 yard td 28610

On Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette made history when he ran for a touchdown of 90 yards. The running back finished the game with 181 yards and two touchdowns on just 28 carries. He is the youngest NFL player to have scored a 90-yard rushing touchdown. Fournette is just 22 years and 263 days old and is the youngest player to do so.

The Jacksonville Jaguars began the game by running for 11 yards on their first play. They then caught a quarterback Tom Brady’s 13-yard pass for a touchdown. Jamaal Charles then ran 8 yards to put the team in field goal range. Then Fournette broke free to his left and ran another 28-yard touchdown. The Jaguars won the game 38-31. Fournette is the team MVP, and he plays with a legitimate MVP candidate.

Fournette had a big game in the first half. He had an even split of touches with Jones and was the only one with more carries. After the Bucs had a 32-point lead at halftime, the offense switched to a run-heavy approach. Now, Fournette will face a tough run defense against the Saints in Week 8.

Leonard Fournette Makes NFL History With 90 Yard TD
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