Life Coach Salary in Texas

A quarter of Texans use life coach services for their personal and business development. Therefore, the Texas life coach salary is likely to be higher that the national average. The range is between forty to sixty-five thousand dollars a year, depending on the niche and city you live in. You can also expect to make more than a high-school graduate. You must first earn your high-school diploma and then complete a training program that is approved by the International Coaching Federation.

Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, the Texas life coach salary is not that much different from New York City’s. A life coach might make $76,500 in New York. He or she might earn $63,044 in San Antonio, which is a difference of approximately twenty percent. The impact of location on salary is even more evident when you consider the salaries of life coaches around the world. One ICF study of life coaches found that average salaries were significantly different in San Antonio and New York City compared to other cities.

Career-oriented life coaches make an average of $72,500 per year, with tips, bonus, and overtime pay. On the other hand, those in the middle-career stage earn an average of $42,500 a year. Not only is it important to remember that the Texas life coach salary does not depend on how many clients or re-ups are done. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of salary options available in this field.

A good certification program will set you apart from the competition. ICF accreditation is one way to ensure that you receive a comprehensive coaching training and that the institutes you join have been rigorously evaluated and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF-accredited programs will draw on decades of academic research to produce the best coaches in the country. If you’re looking for a life coach salary in Texas, ICF certification can help you get there.

Life Coach Salary in Texas
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