Lil Helper Diapers

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Lil Helper diapers only sell one type, a snap-in cloth diaper. However, this is not an issue because this particular style of diaper is incredibly versatile. Its two distinct layers of micro terry cloth make it a superior absorbent diaper, and they also offer a luxuriously soft outer shell. They can be purchased at a discounted price and donated to charity each month.

Lil Helper diapers are disposable, but they have waterproof backing so that the entire insert is never wet. Even though the inserts are generously sized, moisture rarely reaches the shell lining. This means that you can reuse the diaper shell two to three times. This makes trips much easier. Lil Helpers are lighter and more portable than disposable diapers. You can ask other parents for advice and help you decide if this diaper is right for you.

Lil Helper Diapers
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