Lil Tjay in Surgery After New Jersey Shooting

Lil Tjay, a chart-topping artist, was shot by a gunman and has had to have emergency surgery. The shooting took place in northeastern New Jersey. Police have not yet identified the suspects. The shooting took place on June 22 and was captured on video by fans. The shooting took place in a bar on the Promenade. According to reports, Tjay was close to Rap Smoke, who was also killed in the shooting. After Rap Smoke’s death, Tjay had released “Forever Pop” as a single. He was outraged at the murder of Pop.

Tjay started to concentrate on his music after he was released from jail in 2017. He became a household name in hip-hop with the release of his 2018 single Brothers. He signed with Columbia Records that year and released his first EP, “No Comparison.” Earlier this year, he featured on Polo G’s pop-song “Pop Out.” The song hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and became his first top-selling single.

The Edgewater Police Department is investigating the incident. After hearing about the shooting, the local police department contacted the rapper’s manager and found that the rapper had been shot multiple times. His representative has not released the condition of the rapper, who is currently in stable condition. Although the shooting remains under investigation, a suspect was arrested. This unfortunate incident needs to be investigated.

Many people are now questioning the identity of the gunman after the arrest of the gunman. According to the Associated Press, T Jay was among those who were hospitalized. It was unclear whether the gunman was a gang member or a solo shooter. It is unclear what motives the gunman had. The arrest is an important first step in the prosecution of the case.

Lil Tjay in Surgery After New Jersey Shooting
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