Lil Xan Net Worth

Lil Xan Net Worth


If you’re curious about Lil Xan’s life and net worth, you’ve come to the right place. Learn about his early years, his 4.9 million Instagram followers, and his career as a rapper. Also, read about his relationship with American singer Noah Cyrus.

Early life

If you are wondering about Lil Xan’s background, you may be surprised to learn that he was born into a very poor family. He spent much of his early life living in motels and selling drugs. During his high school years, he dropped out of school to make ends meet. He also struggled with addiction, working as a street cleaner and peddling drugs. Although his early life was difficult, his determination and hard work paid off.

Net worth

Despite his upbringing in a poor neighbourhood, Lil Xan has managed to rise to the top. His net worth is estimated at around $3 million. He has managed to make money by selling merchandise and marketing his music services. Lil Xan’s net worth is quite small compared to his other income streams, but the money is significant.

Lil Xan’s net worth has increased thanks to his collaborations with other artists. He has worked with Lucki, Aris Ray, Lil Wop, and Julian Dova. 


The rapper began his music career by uploading videos on YouTube and SoundCloud. Eventually, he gained popularity and released most of his work on the internet. His first single, “Betrayed”, was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Since then, his career has exploded.

Lil Xan started his rap career in mid-2016, largely due to the influence of Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti. His stage name was given by friends in Austin, Texas, and is a reference to the drug Xanax. In May 2016, he posted his first track on his SoundCloud page. In September, he signed with Columbia Records and released his debut EP.

Lil Xan is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his hit single “Betrayed.” His debut album Total Xanarchy is due for release in 2020. Despite being a young artist, Lil Xan is proving to be a successful rapper and songwriter.

While his career as a rapper has been largely devoted to his solo work, he has also worked with various artists. He featured on Nick Colletti’s “Single” in 2017, and collaborated with Lil Wop, Julian Dova, and XXTentacion. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million in 2022. Much of his money has come from streaming music services.


 Although his net worth has grown significantly, his income is still in the early stages. Streaming music and other sources of income have helped him accumulate wealth. He has had a Gold-certified single and has released five EPs.

Social media fan following 

He also gained a following through social media platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. His first album was released under the label Columbia Records. The album featured five lead singles and received generally positive reviews. The album debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

YouTube channel 

Since launching his Xanarchy clothing line in 2017, Lil Xan has not released new music. Although he had previously announced the album’s title, Be Safe, the project never materialized. Lil Xan’s YouTube channel has been the source of most of his income, as he sells song copies on various streaming music sites.


After releasing a hit song, Lil Xan became involved with a teen vlogger named Annie Smith. The two dated for several months and began making music together. During that time, they also announced they were expecting their first child. However, their relationship quickly went sour. The couple broke up after the miscarriage.

The rapper’s relationship with Parsons is a thorny subject. While there has been no official confirmation, the two have been seen together in public many times. She’s even made a public appearance in Chem Xan’s music video “Lifeless”. In 2017, she appeared in a song by Chem X. In addition, she has collaborated with artists such as Skooly and Prime Society. Earlier this year, Lil Xan was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards.

Gabby was Diego’s ex-girlfriend and they broke up in August. Then, the rapper cheated on her with Kelly Lauren. The two have since broken up, but Gabby remains close to Diego. It’s unclear if they’re still dating, but the two appear to be very close.

Troubled past

Despite his successful music career, Xan has had a troubled past. Before he began rapping, he was hooked on drugs. In 2014, he tried Xanax but ended up dissolving the pills in soda instead of swallowing them. He eventually managed to stop using Xanax and he went on to become a rapper.

Before his rap career, Lil Xan was a heavy opiate user. He was addicted to the substance for two years and used it for several years. But after several health complications, he kicked the habit.


The rap artist has been open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol and recently said that his former manager Stat Quo supplied him with prescription medications. The rapper’s admission sparked a flurry of debate among his followers and led some to call him a rat.

After being linked with several women and forming several relationships, Lil Xan began a relationship with model Annie Smith in 2018. They were engaged when Smith revealed that she was pregnant. But the two eventually separated. Currently, the rapper is dating a YouTube vlogger named Gabby Parsons. The two have been dating since November, but Lil Xan has not been married or had children.

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Lil Xan Net Worth

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