Little Bill – The Snack Helper Buddies

Little Bill says, “I’m a snack aide,” as he looks at a chart showing which jobs each of his classmates have. He’s excited to be called first, because he gets to sing and call everyone to the table. However, the other snack helpers don’t like this. Andrew and Kiku want their turn to be called first, and Little Bill agrees.

“Little Bill” is an American animated children’s television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1999 until 2004. Season one consisted of nine episodes and sixteen 11-minute segments. Among the highlights were “Get Well, Elephant!” and “I Can Sign.”

“Snacktime is a game and Little Bill has great ideas for making snack time fun. He even came up with a color-wheel rule to get everyone cheering. If someone’s wearing the same color as Little Bill, they must stand up. If they don’t, Little Bill will spin the color-wheel again. He’ll continue doing this until only one person is left with all four colors.

In this episode, Little Bill is invited to play with the other kids. Although he isn’t at ease with Monty, he doesn’t want to be left behind. Little Bill is made even more uncomfortable by Monty’s love for dinosaurs after he plays with him. Little Bill then pretends to eat the room, and makes noises. In the end, everyone has finished their snacks and Little Bill is rewarded with a star!

Little Bill is excited about meeting his friends, but he also dreams big. Debra, his mother’s sister, just gave birth to a boy. Aunt Debra assigns Little Bill the task of telling Jamal when to get up after Little Bill accidentally scares the baby. His best friend, Bobby, helps him out by pretending to camp with him while his mother has her hair done. Little Bill finally experiences real life sex.

While Little Bill has chicken pox, he still wants to learn how to read and write letters. He gets into a race against April and Andrew and is even able to fill in for Alice the Great when she is unable to run. Little Bill has some big adventures, but he is determined to win. With all of these adventures in his corner, Little Bill is well on his way to being a big kid.

Little Bill – The Snack Helper Buddies
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