Liver Pepper Schnauzer

The liver pepper schnauzer is a toy-sized dog with a reddish-brown coat and chocolate-colored nose, pads, and eyelids. Its eyes are hazel green or brown. The dog’s name, “liver pepper”, comes from its being a Salt and Pepper Schnauzer variation. These dogs are known for their love of spicy foods.

The AKC recognizes this color variation as a sable schnauzer. They are registered through the AKC as Wheaten schnauzers and Salt & Pepper schnauzers. They are usually hazel- or green-colored with brown pads and nose. They may be striped or solid, depending on the breeder. The striped version is distinctive. The dog’s color variation may be a characteristic of its markings, such as markings on his nose.

The distinctive features of a Liver are its brown nose, foot pads and skin pigment. During breeding, Livers are produced from two males of different color. The parents should carry the respective markers for the two colors. These colors are not common in purebred Livers. Therefore, the litter must contain at least one black parent and one Liver parent. The pup will be Liver-colored if both parents are carriers.

The liver pepper schnauzer is a variation of the salt and pepper schnauzer. This variety is characterized by banded hairs. These hairs may be silver-colored at birth, and may even be white. The AKC also registers Platinum silvers as salt and pepper schnauzers. The eyes are usually brown. They also have chocolate noses. Liver pepper schnauzers have brown or green eyes, and can have the characteristic banded hairs.

Liver Pepper Schnauzer
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