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Liziqi is a Chinese video blogger, entrepreneur, and Internet celebrity who was born on July 6, 1990. She is famous for making videos about how to make food and crafts in her hometown of rural Pingwu County, Mianyang, in the north-central Sichuan province, southwest China. Often, the videos are made from basic tools and ingredients using traditional Chinese methods.

Early life 

Liziqi was born on July 6, 1990, in China. Her family is based in Mianyang County, Sichuan, China, her initially named”LiJiajia”

Liziqi’s childhood was difficult.

In Sichuan, China, her family lived in a remote mountain village. Albeit the town seems to be a pixie land in Ziqi’s recordings, it was very poor.

Ziqi ended up living with her father and stepmother as a result of her parent’s divorce shortly after she was born.

Her father passed away when she was around four years old. She recalled that her stepmother had a bad attitude toward her. Ziqi has never discussed her birth mother. She is not known to be alive or where she is.

Ziqi moved back to Sichuan to live with her grandparents when she was six years old. She may have had the happiest childhood ever. Poor, but content.

Her grandfather was a chef in addition to being a farmer. Ziqi’s grandpa was in charge of cooking for the guests at weddings and funerals in the village. Ziqi had to help, and she learned most of her cooking skills during this time.

When she was in fifth grade, her grandpa also passed away.


I was in 5th grade, her granddad kicked the bucket. I dropped out of school at 14 because my grandmother was unable to pay for her education.


Li has been involved in multiple jobs, including working as a singer (2006-2007), a waitress (2016-2017), and a disc jockey. When she was 14, she left school to find employment.

Now Li is a well-known foodie on YouTube. I began uploading her videos to the video-sharing website Meipai in 2015. Li made her first videos on her own, but she wasn’t able to show her intended creativity because she didn’t know how to edit videos. In 2016, Li’s video titled “Peach Wine” caught the attention of the CEO of a platform for making videos. 

The video was featured on the front page of the platform, which led to an increase in the number of people who subscribed to Li’s channel. Her most memorable video, named “Making a dress out of grape skins,” was presented on YouTube that very year. She has encouraged numerous bloggers to produce similar content.

In addition to her career as a vlogger, she owns an online shop that sells her products. Ziqi started an eBay-like online store on Taobao for selling local goods and fresh produce as a side job. The store was getting along nicely, however, among a huge number of comparable merchants, it hung out in no way.

Net worth 

According to reports, the star has earned 6.7 million yuan through her online shop and 336 million yuan through her videos. Her monetized channel earns a minimum of $3 to $7 per thousand views

The majority of Liziqi’s wealth came from her e-commerce business’s success as well as a variety of endorsement and partnership deals with other businesses. In recent years, Liziqi’s wealth has grown significantly.

Social media 

Liziqi has millions of followers worldwide. She has earned over 1.7 billion views on her videos. This has led to her name being cited as one of the most successful Chinese YouTube vloggers.

Moreover, she has millions of followers on other social media sites. Among them are celebrities like Kylie Jenner.


Throughout her career, she has come under fire and been the subject of controversy, as well as accusations of cultural appropriation and commercialization of traditional Chinese culture.

Personal life 

LiZiqi is somewhat reserved and prefers to keep her relationships and personal life private. Though the Chinese vlogger is single, she is not known to be dating anyone.


She has become one of the most well-known and well-liked figures on YouTube as a result of her success and impact on the internet, establishing her status as a true online trailblazer.

In September 2019, the People’s Daily newspaper presented her with the People’s Choice Award. In August of that year, Li received his formal nomination to join the All-China Youth Federation.

Liziqi also likes to serve herself with a silver spoon that she bought from her online business.LiZiqi is a true pioneer in the field of online media, facilitating the experience of rural China’s splendor and traditional Chinese culture for millions of people worldwide. Her work is making her a very rich Liziqi.


In Conclusion, LiZiqi has made a name for herself agger ger she is a true pioneer in the field of internet media, allowing millions of people worldwide to experience the beauty of rural China and traditional Chinese culture

She is now one of the most well-known and easily recognizable people on YouTube thanks to her charming demeanor, tranquil lifestyle, and captivating images.

 Due to the expansion of her business ventures and her presence on social media, LiZiqi is certain to keep her ability to captivate audiences for many years to come. Li is currently enjoying a quiet and simple existence in her rural village, which she appreciates. 

Liziqi Net Worth
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