Long Hair Dalmations

A good dog food can limit hair loss and keep your long hair dalmation’s skin and coat healthy. Your long hair Dal’s diet will depend on its age, activity level, and weight. An inappropriate long-term diet plan may present many health risks. Consult with your breeder for advice. Long-haired Dalmatians need high-quality dog food that contains proteins in the correct proportions.

Long-haired Dalmatians require daily brushing after being outdoors. While they do not shed much during the winter, you will still need to trim their nails regularly. Also, make sure they have soft bedding and blankets to keep them warm. A long-haired Dalmatian may be sensitive and need extra care to keep their nails trim and trimmed. Long hair also hides dirt and hair in their nails.

Long-haired dalmations can be a unique breed that can be distinguished from their short-haired counterparts. The long-haired variety is not as common as the short-haired Dalmatian. Although long-haired Dalmatians are a bit more difficult to maintain, they make wonderful pets. These dogs require special grooming and care to look their best.

Long-haired Dalmations tend to be a little heavier than their short-haired counterparts, and have a distinctive, wavy-looking tail. They also have floppy ears, giving them an endearing comical look. They have black and white spots on their bodies, which are often mistaken for floppy ear patches. Their legs are long and slender, but their body is muscular and sturdy.

Long-haired Dalmatians require more consistent grooming than their short-haired counterparts. While the short-haired Dalmatian breed does shed, long-haired Dalmatians require more rigorous grooming. Brushing the dog daily and vacuuming it twice a week will keep shedding under control. You may also want to trim footpad hair. Long-haired Dalmatians shed all year round, so you should keep a comb handy to remove any loose fur.

Long-haired Dalmatians have a coat that is approximately two to four inches in length, and they start acquiring spots at around four weeks of age. The long-haired Dalmatians are generally larger than their short-haired counterparts, weighing between 45 to 60 pounds. The coat of long-haired Dalmatians may be more wavy than their short-haired counterparts, but it is still a fluffy, luxurious breed.

Long Hair Dalmations
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