Long hair doesn’t matter and the #LongHairDontCare Meme

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The long hair don’t care culture was ushered in by Kate Gosselin, who wore hair extensions for her People magazine cover. Then, it took a few years for the trend to catch on, but it did eventually. Five years later, Buzzfeed published a list of issues with long-hair-don’t-care, including the fact that strangers touch your hair out of envy, people hitting you in the face with their hair, and so on.

A hashtag with the hashtag #longhairdontcare was created in 2013 and quickly became a viral meme. The hair extension culture was at its peak. Kate Gosselin’s cover in People magazine was one of the first examples of long hair don’t care. It wasn’t until five years later that it really started to gain traction. Buzzfeed published a list of problems associated with long hairdon’t care. It also included people hitting your hair with their hair.

In response, #longhairdon’tcare became a meme and a trending hashtag. The height of hair extension culture was reached at that point. Kate Gosselin featured hair extensions on the cover for People magazine in 2007. The hashtag was not popularized until five years later. Buzzfeed published a list listing the problems that long-haired women might face. These problems included people hitting your face with their hair.

The long-haired culture reached a zenith of hair extension. When Kate Gosselin wore a wig and hair extensions on her People magazine cover, it was an unprecedented high. The craze didn’t catch on until five years later when Buzzfeed published a list listing problems with long-haired individuals. Some people even hit their heads with their hair, while others touched their hair.

Soon, the hashtag #longhairdontcare became a popular meme and trend. The popularity of hair extensions reached its peak when Kate Gosselin’s People magazine cover featured a woman with long hair. However, it didn’t pick up until five years later, when Buzzfeed published a list of problems with the long-haired people. These problems included people touching their hair in envy and strangers touching their hair.

Despite the popularity of the hashtag, hair extensions were still at their peak at the time. A woman wearing hair extensions on a magazine cover became the first celebrity to wear a hair extension. The trend was popularized by Kate Gosselin’s cover, but #longhairdontcare wasn’t popularized until 2005 when Buzzfeed published a list detailing the problems with longhairdontcare. These problems included random strangers touching your locks out of envy, and people hitting their faces with their hair.

After the ‘longhairdontcare’ trend caught on, the hashtag also became a popular hashtag and meme. After the cover of People magazine, Kate Gosselin wore her hair extensions. The buzzfeed article that listed many problems with long hair in the next year didn’t make #longhairdontcare popular again. Some of these problems were as simple as strangers touching your hair out of envy and people hitting their faces with their hair.

In the past few years, the #longhairdontcare has become an internet meme. The phrase was created as a response to Kate Gosselin’s cover on People magazine in 2007. By this time, the trend hadn’t really gained steam until five years ago. In the meantime, a Buzzfeed article compiled a list of problems caused by the trend, including people hitting themselves with their hair. The article mentioned that a woman’s head could be damaged by their hair or other strands.

Long hair doesn’t matter and the #LongHairDontCare Meme
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