Los Angeles Clippers 2011 Roster

Los Angeles Clippers are home to some outstanding players. But how do you get them on a roster of players? This article will highlight Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Brian Cook, and 33 GRANT HILL. Below are the team’s top players on the 2011 clippers roster. Read on to discover who they are and how you can find out more about them. There is so much to see! Hopefully you’ll find this article useful!

Chris Paul

The first season of the Chris Paul era was a memorable one for the Clippers. Paul, now 33 years old, played as the team’s point guard and became one of the most underrated players in the league. Although the Clippers never made it to the Western Conference finals, Paul was a perennial MVP candidate. He led the NBA in assists on three occasions and was named Rookie of the Year twice. His career included five All-Star appearances and three first-team selections to the All-NBA Defensive team.

The Clippers’ emergence was not without controversy. After all, Chris Paul is a free agent and a season with the team could mean the difference between his extension and his release. He was accused of sexual harassment by the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, but the NBA ruled that the allegations were not legitimate. Paul was signed by the Clippers to a $28.5 million contract, with an option to buyout the remaining years of his league service.

A big part of the controversy over Chris Paul’s future is the fact that he almost ended up with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had planned to acquire the star player as part the trade process. But David Stern resisted it, which triggered a six-day period in bad publicity for the league. In the meantime, the Clippers made a deal to trade Paul to the Lakers, but Stern rejected it to keep the team together. The two-time All-Stars would have made a great superteam, regardless of whether or not it was the right decision.

The Clippers were once known as “Lob City” in the past because Chris Paul was traded from New York. After this trade, Griffin decided to take a chance on Chris Paul. This would be the team’s first playoff appearance since 2005/2006. Paul is now averaging 12 points per game in the NBA. The Clippers were a strong contender in the 2011-2012 NBA season. After all, the Clippers had a solid lineup despite their lackluster start to the season.

DeAndre Jordan

Fans are excited about the Los Angeles Clippers’ announcement that DeAndre Jordan will be joining their roster. The former UCLA and North Carolina star is one of the NBA’s premier scorers. Averaging 20.1 points per game and 10.5 rebounds per game, Jordan has proven to be a solid all-around player. Though his contract would have put the Clippers over the luxury tax threshold, his ability to shoot from three is an invaluable asset.

The Clippers will likely make moderate changes next season to their roster, building around Caron Butler and DeAndre Jordan. Jordan’s performance last season was mixed and he still has a lot of work to do to become a consistent inside force. He is a risk for injury and a liability at foul line. His rebounding and defensive presence will be assets to the team. The Clippers’ core players will be the team’s key pieces.

Jordan played every NBA game during the first half. Since his December 2011 debut, Jordan has not missed a single game. During that stretch, he has logged 360 consecutive games. He is currently ill with pneumonia and has not played since March 23, 2011. Despite the injuries to Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, Jordan has been a Clippers mainstay this year.

The Clippers will carry at least 13 players on the roster. This allows them to add or remove players as needed. They will now have eleven guaranteed contracts and two first-round picks. The Clippers are delighted with their second-round picks, and will likely keep at thirteen. The Clippers should be able to make their way to the NBA Playoffs in March.

The Clippers finished their season with a record score of 40-26. The Clippers had never made the Western Conference Finals before. Their emergence in 2011 has given them the chance to make the finals in their history. With Jordan, Griffin, and Paul, they can go far this season. If they win the Western Conference Finals it will be the first time that the team has ever won the Western Conference.

Brian Cook

Although he was drafted 24th in the 2003 NBA Draft Draft, forward Brian Cook is already on The Clippers’ roster. Cook was a player for the Rockets, Magic, and Lakers during his career. With this move, he’ll have the chance to reunite with teammates Rashard Lewis and Maurice Evans. In addition, he’ll be reunited with several younger players from the Wizards.

Although there are a few other players on the team, Diogu isn’t a great choice for a PG. His shooting isn’t impressive and his TS% was under fifty percent. That said, he wasn’t signed to shoot threes. If you want a point guard to play with defense, Cook may be worth a look. Cook is unlikely to be worth $1.26million.

Cook is not an exceptional rebounder, but his 2010 Clippers performance was impressive. His 7.7 rebounds per 36 minutes in 2010-11 surpassed his career average of seven, and it was his best season since his rookie year with the Lakers. However, that’s still below average for a power forward, especially when compared to teammates such as Diogu and Smith. Cook is actually better at rebounding than either of his teammates, so it’s worth keeping an eye on Cook’s stats.

Aside from Cook, the Clippers also had Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Ryan Gomes, and Blake Griffin on their roster. The other players on the Clippers roster included DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. The lineup sported a few players who were considered undersized for their respective positions. Cook was one of these players, along with other players who were not as athletic and large as they should have been. The Clippers were the best in the NBA last season and a lot of their star power came from their bench players.


If the Los Angeles Clippers were to trade Grant Hill for another player, they’d most likely choose to sign him. Hill is a veteran and a respected locker-room leader. In addition to his scoring ability, Hill’s defensive presence is a valuable asset on defense. He also has plenty of offensive skills, which would give the Clippers an advantage on the glass. And if the Clippers need a big man to play defense, Grant Hill is the answer.

Despite his lack of size, Grant Hill was still a highly effective defender. He was assigned to match up with the team’s best scorer each night, which allowed him to limit his opponent to 0.83 points per possession. He was able to defend a variety shooters because of his versatility. In addition, he could guard anyone on the floor and can make the three point shot from anywhere on the court.

In addition to Paul Pierce and Blake Griffin, the Clippers’ bench featured Mo Williams, a former All-Star. There were also players such as Eric Bledsoe or Caron Butler. Although Neil Olshey deserves credit, he still needed more bench strength. Despite a lack of star power and depth, the Clippers made a deep playoff run.

Hill’s career is still young, but he did play in 34 games for the Detroit Pistons before undergoing a serious emergency appendectomy. Hill also sustained multiple injuries during the season, which restricted him to just 70 games. But even with his limited playing time, Hill averaged 13.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.9 assists. By the end of the season, he’d earned the Joe Dumars Trophy, the league’s top award for sportsmanship.

As for the Clippers’ off-season moves, they added free-agent forward Grant Hill to their roster. After the 2010-11 season, Hill became the seventh player in NBA history to average at least 13 points per game. He suffered a medial meniscus tear to his right knee during the 2011-12 season. Grant Hill missed 61 games during his 2006-07 season while he was undergoing treatment for a broken left ankle. In addition, Hill missed most of the 2003-04 season with the Orlando Magic while rehabbing his left ankle.

Los Angeles Clippers 2011 Roster
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