Low Level Hunter Helper Rewards

A high level hunter can also help a lower level player with a quest and earn a reward, which depends on the rank of the player. It is possible to obtain a silver and bronze guild pendant if you can help ten people. A low-level hunter can only help 10 people in a quest. However, if you help 30 people, a silver or bronze guild pendant can be obtained.

You can not only get layered armor through Low Level Hunter Helper Rewards, but you can also earn VIP Grit Tickets from Master rank quests. These tickets can be used to forge special layered armor sets. Also, you can use VIP Gratitude Tickets to craft a special set of Astral a+ armor. Besides, if you complete the quests, you can use your tickets to purchase new decorations for your rooms.

While the Join Request system is a fast way to get rewards from low-level hunter helper quests, the nicer and more time-consuming method is to join the online lobby of the game. In return, you will receive Bloodrun Jewels. Keep in mind that Bloodrun Jewels are not guaranteed as Helper Rewards. However, granting a few materials to a low-level hunter will surely increase your chances of receiving a Bloodrun Jewel.

The Stinkmink is a creature with a white aura. It is found in all parts of the world. It can also be used to lure animals with a wailnard. It looks like a pheasant, but its glowing red neck makes it easy to distinguish it from other creatures. These creatures are only found in Area 3 or Shrine Ruins. As a Hunter Helper, you can earn more rewards

The new Hunter Helper system is a system designed to encourage players to work together, even if they are not of the same level. After you have completed the main game and reached the “Master Rank”, you can become a Hunter Helfer. You will have to respond to players’ requests for assistance and earn items for completing their quests. If you help someone reach a certain level, this system will reward your efforts with a great reward.

Low Level Hunter Helper Rewards
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