Lululemon New Parent Backpack 17L Review

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If you’re a new parent and looking for a diaper bag that can keep everything in it, the Lululemon New Parent Backpack 17L is a great choice. The large 17-liter capacity allows you to store many essential items. It also has clips that allow it to be attached to your stroller. One drawback of this diaper bag is the underwires, which will dig into your ribs during long flights. The Sculpting Bra is lightweight and comfortable, making it the best choice for travel.

The diaper backpack has insulated bottle pockets that can be used to store baby bottles and wipes. The main compartment of the backpack is spacious and has numerous pockets for keeping things organized. The backpack also has a side wipe slit, and a waterproof compartment to store wet clothes. The main compartment can be folded in concertina-style so that it can be converted into a comfortable baby bed.

The Lululemon diaper backpack backpack is lightweight and spacious thanks to its water-repellent material. The large interior compartment is waterproof and has a wide zipper opening to keep everything dry. A convertible strap lets you wear it as a crossbody bag, too.

This backpack is designed with both large and small zippered compartments for baby’s necessities. It also has an insulated snack area and a bottle holder. It also comes with a padded changing pad, which is ideal for keeping your baby comfortable while you’re on the go. You can also find an attached lanyard for pacifiers. The nylon fabric used to make the backpack is virtually indestructible, so it’s easy to clean.

Lululemon New Parent Backpack 17L Review
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