Mac Jones Vs Baker Mayfield – Who is the Best NFL Quarterback?

There are a lot of different arguments for picking Mac Jones over Baker Mayfield as the best quarterback in the NFL. One of the main ones is their relative track records. Jones has more experience than Baker, and his career interception total is higher. Another argument is their athleticism. However, one could argue that Baker has more offensive weapons than Jones. Let’s take a look at each candidate in greater detail.

Both Mac Jones and Baker Mayfield have plenty of positive traits. Mac Jones was supposed to ease into the NFL behind Cam Newton, but his QBR is a bit low. Despite a stellar final season at Alabama, his passer rating remains lower than Jones’ average. That’s especially true considering his lack of mobility. Regardless, if you’re looking for a risky quarterback, Jones might be the better option.

Whether Mac Jones or Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback for the NFL depends on how much experience each has. While Mayfield is younger, his rookie season is the most critical. Neither has the right combination of talent and experience. In addition, the Patriots’ defense and team are stacked in favor of their quarterback. In the end, a better quarterback will win the championship, but for now, Mac Jones must look like a mid-career Tom Brady.

The performance of Mac Jones versus Baker Mayfield was impressive, with the rookie outplaying Mayfield on Saturday. However, Mayfield’s injury ended his game early and prevented him from making any significant gains in the AFC race. He had only a few minutes to play when he was hampered by injuries. However, he did have a great day after missing a week of practice.

If you’re wondering if Mac Jones is a better quarterback, you can check his stats. In his five games, Jones has three touchdown passes and no interceptions. On the other hand, Baker Mayfield has a career quarterback rating of 142.1. However, he hasn’t thrown an interception in his entire career. That’s good news for fans. If Baker Mayfield plays like this, the Patriots will definitely be disappointed.

While Baker Mayfield has a great career record, Jones has the edge in experience. While Jones has a vastly superior experience level, rookie quarterbacks with the most experience rarely win games. In 2018, six teams ran more plays than New England did. And while Jones isn’t the best quarterback for the NFL right now, he can be a solid starter for years to come. There is no guarantee that Mayfield will win the game, but it’s worth comparing both players.

Mac Jones Vs Baker Mayfield – Who is the Best NFL Quarterback?
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