Madeleine Schickedanz fortune

Madeleine Schickedanz is a German heiress and former philanthropist. She is the daughter of Gustav and Grete Schickedanz, the founders of Quelle Versand, which merged with Karstadt to form Arcandor and was listed in the DAX midfield until bankruptcy in 2009. How rich is Madeleine Schickedanz?

Major shareholder. Born on October 20, 1943 in Nuremberg, Germany. Madeleine Schickedanz fortune is estimated at around 30 million euros. She was the 13th richest woman in the world and the 142nd richest person in the world, according to Forbes in 2007. However, on June 9, 2009, after the bankruptcy of her holding company Arcandor, she filed for bankruptcy. She and her husband said they were living on just 600 euros a month after bankruptcy. In January 2010, she sold two of her villas in St. Moritz for USD 68 million to pay off the debt.

Bourgeois name: Madeleine Schickedanz
Spouse: Leo Herl
Children: Daniela Mangold, Hans-Peter Mangold, Caroline Bühler, Matthias Bühler.
Madeleine Schickedanz size: 1.63 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 1967

What is Madeleine Schickedanz’s net worth?
Madeleine Schickedanz’s assets are currently € 30 million.

Books: Guilty: On failure and getting up again, The fall – A115.
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Madeleine Schickedanz fortune

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