Magnum PI is New Tonight on CBS

Magnum PI is back tonight on CBS after a Thanksgiving break. The series returns with two new episodes. The first episode will be about Rick’s past, while the second will be about Higgins and MI-6. You can watch the show online or on demand if you miss it. But, if you’re a loyal fan of the series, you should know that there is still more to come.

The fourth season of “Magnum PI” premiered on October 1, 2021 on CBS. It lasted for the 2021-22 television seasons and ended on May 6, 2022. It is a remake the 1980s television series with the same name. It stars Perdita Weeks and Zachary Knight.

The episode opens with an exoneration of a staff member. The staff member was found living in T.C. ‘s office. Magnum and Higgins investigate the disappearance the friend of the woman. They discover an insurance scam and give the girl’s friend’s house back. Suzy has a prenatal scan.

Magnum and Higgins resolve a case for a client in this episode of “Magnum”. Afterward, they discover that the girl had an awful past and a hidden secret. Magnum and Higgins are also reunited with Higgins’ childhood friend. Their relationship does not last long because they try to keep it from HPD.

Magnum PI is a popular TV series. It’s been a hit since its debut in September 2018. It has aired a few episodes already, and the fifteenth episode will air March 4, 2022. Magnum PI is a wonderful series that you must see!

Magnum PI is New Tonight on CBS
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