Malcolm Covington – A Renaissance Man

The late Malcolm Weatherby Covington was a tenured professor of English at Columbia University in New York. A self-described Renaissance Man, Covington was fluent in seven languages, dabbled in Flemish perspectival painting, and played the viola and composed string quartets in the baroque style. In fact, he performed his string quartets in public. Here are some of his most notable accomplishments.

Malcolm Covington was born in the Bronx and played basketball for many years before being undrafted in 2015’s NBA Draft. He was a 6-foot-10 center who weighed 150 kg (330 pounds) while playing with the Philadelphia 76ers. He was not taken seriously by the NBA and became an unrestricted, free agent. Though he had some notable performances throughout his career, he was a long way away from making the Hall of Fame.

Professor Covington was an accomplished oenophile. He was well-versed in every aspect of French wine, including the vintage and whereabouts of the vineyards. He was so knowledgeable about wine that even though the wine was from a south or north facing slope, he could identify the village and vineyard where it came from. It was remarkable, and he was quite wealthy. This wealth was apparent in his lavish lifestyle, which included a spacious apartment overlooking the Hudson and Palisades.

Covington’s encounter with the woman was horrible, but it doesn’t mean that the woman who embodied him died. She was actually imprisoned in the body and brain of a voluptuous woman aged twenty-years. Though he was deprived of his vast intellectual powers, he retained his male identity. Despite the frantic lovemaking of his doppelganger, he never forgot who he was. After each of their mandatory couplings, he was reminded of his male identity.

Professor Covington was a scholar of the entire 18th century, encompassing the obscures of pamphleteers as well as minor poets. He could recall the weekly laundry list of Earl Rochester in 1712 by memory. He was a force to reckon with at the Modern Language Association which he presided over twice. His knowledge of English literature made him an indispensable force at the meetings.

Professor Covington transferred to Blessed Sacrament despite having one of the best basketball programs in the city. He had previously played for Christ The King for two seasons before transferring to Blessed Sacrament. He did this to get more playing time, and a larger role. Two guards are also present at the school. The difference between Christ the King and Blessed Sacrament is that the former is a much smaller school. Although the latter does not have a home court, it still boasts a top basketball program.

Malcolm Covington – A Renaissance Man
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