Malibu Soccer Academy

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Malibu Soccer Academy is a great place to coach your child’s soccer skills. This academy is located on the Malibu Coast and has been serving young athletes since 1992. It is owned and operated by Tim Ward, who has won five WCC Coach of the Year awards. Tim also coaches the Pepperdine women’s soccer team. The academy teaches youth soccer players how to be team players and build strong character.

The Malibu Soccer Academy, a Malibu-based organization, aims to teach soccer skills to young children while encouraging discovery and having fun. While the website and logo provided useful information, they did not provide social connections. We designed a new logo to emphasize this while also promoting the academy’s values of friendship and fun. Although the Malibu Soccer Academy website is focused on soccer skills, we wanted to emphasize social connections.

Malibu Soccer Academy
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