Manchester City Players Weekly Wages

Manchester City has one of the highest-paid Premier League clubs with a budget of PS225million. The club has invested heavily in its players and has rewarded high-profile players with incentives and bonuses to boost their performance. For example, Sergio Aguero earns a decent PS160k a week. Here’s how the player wages compare to other Premier League clubs. See how much your favorite player makes each week!

Riyad Mahrez, a former Leicester City player, has the tenth highest salary in the current squad. After the Leicester City team won last season’s Premier League, Mahrez joined the club. He has a great ability to get past defenders, and is a great attacking player. David Silva, another top-earning player at Manchester City is the third highest paid and is a versatile midfielder.

Manchester City has made many top transfers this season and their players’ salaries are increasing dramatically. These figures are based on the average weekly wages of City’s players. Below is a breakdown showing the highest-paid players in the team. Listed below are the latest weekly salaries for Manchester City players. You can also view their transfer history as well as player statistics. Which players make the most money? Let’s find the answer.

In 2008, the Abu Dhabi United Group bought Manchester City for PS210million. It immediately began investing in the players and club facilities, including the Etihad campus in east Manchester. In 2018, they won the Premier League for the first time in their history and became the only club in the English Premier League to reach 100 points in a season. They won four trophies in 2019, becoming the first men’s team ever to win the domestic triple.

The most expensive Manchester City player is Kevin De Bruyne, earning PS400,000 a week. De Bruyne, the best midfielder in the game, could be easily overtaken in the coming weeks by Mats Haaland, his Swedish counterpart. These two aces may cause frustration and confusion for the City captain. It’s difficult to imagine him content with his current wage!

Manchester City Players Weekly Wages
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