Manchester City Salary Per Week

Manchester City salary per Week – How much do the players make at the club? Many players are expected to make six figures at the club. But how much do they get paid? The salaries of the best players vary greatly, but these are a few examples. Sterling is reportedly on the verge of signing an extension. Ederson, Grealish and Stones are also part of the squad. All three have contracts that run until 2026.

Manchester City pays its players well. Kevin De Bruyne earns the most at PS350,000 per week. Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus earn between PS30,000 to PS40,000 per week. Phil Foden and Phil Foden are the highest-paid players in Manchester City. The highest-paid player in the world is Lionel Messi, earning more than $80 million per year. The salary of a top-level Manchester City player must be attractive in order to attract top talent.

Although the salary of a Manchester City player can vary a lot, a typical player on the first team earns approximately PS60,000 per week. Oleksandr Ziinchenko, the lowest-paid member of the first team, earns PS20,000 per week. Meanwhile, Phil Foden is one of the highest-paid players at PS30,000 a week, while Ederson earns PS65,000.

Manchester City has not yet accepted the wage structure. Haaland is understood to earn PS375,000 a week, which is the same as top-earner Kevin De Bruyne. If he achieves certain goals, his salary could rise to PS500,000 per week. Manchester City also has clauses that allow him to achieve certain benchmarks or win trophies. Klopp admitted that Haaland’s arrival will improve Pep Guardiola’s side.

Manchester City Salary Per Week
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