Maplestory New Maple Leaf 2021 Guide

maplestory new maple leaf 2021 guide 52714

Maplestory New Maple Leaf 2021 offers players the opportunity to earn certain items by playing the game. They can get the Unique Potential Scroll 100% and Epic Bonus Potential Scroll 100%. These items can be traded in the Cash Shop Inventory or opened. A small chance exists that a character will receive the Fairy Bros. Hair Selection Coupon Voucher, which has a seven-day duration, and can be traded to characters in the same world.

The Neo summer update will have a new addition to the game: monsters. New quests will be available to players in addition to the monsters. These quests can be completed daily. There is a guaranteed item in each quest, and there is also a chance to get an additional reward. However, these quests can only be completed once per account.

Maplestory New Maple Leaf 2021 Guide
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