Mark Ehrenfried Fortune

Mark Ehrenfried is a German pianist. He has released five albums and given concerts around the world. How rich is Mark Ehrenfried?

Pianist. Born on June 24, 1991 in Berlin, Germany. Mark Ehrenfried Fortune is estimated at around 1.5 million euros. In Germany he is best known for his childhood television appearances, for his collaboration with pop music producer Jack White and for touring with the East German rock band The Puhdys. Ehrenfried recently played piano music by the Norwegian-romantic composer Christian Sinding. Ehrenfried also gives speeches on Christianity, music, values ​​and culture. He describes himself as Christian conservative.

Bourgeois name: Mark Christopher Paul Ehrenfried
Mark Ehrenfried size: 1.74 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1999

What is the net worth of Mark Ehrenfried?
Mark Ehrenfried’s assets are currently € 1.5 million.

Record labels: Hänssler Verlag, Hänssler Classic, Jade Auditory Arts Hong Kong.
Music genres: Classical music.
Training: Regent’s University London
Is also often searched for: Yak Bondy, Gregor Huebner, Verena Rehm, Max Richter.

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Mark Ehrenfried Fortune

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