Martha Sugalski Moves Into a New House

Martha Sugalski is an American news anchor and journalist. She was born in Philadelphia at the age of 51. She stands five feet four inches tall. Robert Reich is her husband and she has three children. Their marriage was rocky. Martha had difficulty conceiving and gave birth to a child. Their home is valued at $1.5 million.

All of her children are healthy, thankfully. She is a mother to six children and loves sharing her life with them. She also enjoys receiving love letters from her kids. Besides her work as a TV host, Martha is also a dedicated fitness enthusiast. Her Instagram account has over 22k followers.

Martha Sugalski’s recent action has caused controversy. Her 6-year-old son interrupted her newscast as she was about start a story about the coronavirus. When she realized what had happened, she apologized to Heaton for the disruption and continued her segment about the coronavirus.

Martha Sugalski Moves Into a New House
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