Ma’s Donuts in New Bedford, MA

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Ma’s Donuts was considered the best donut shop in the world. The Lemieux family’s popularity was based on their classic glazed donuts, legendary strawberry donuts, and warm coffee rolls. In fact, the sweet treats were an important part of the Lemieux family’s love for New Bedford, and the town. To visit Ma’s Donuts in New Bedford was like visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Space Needle, or the Empire State Building.

Ma’s Donuts offers a variety of cuisines in addition to their famous donuts. They even have a special promotion that allows you to get six free donuts with the purchase of a dozen. Ma’s Donuts is located in New Bedford, MA. You can enjoy their delicious treats anytime between 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Only 40 minutes separate the New Bedford Ma’s Donuts from Rhode Island Ma’s Donuts. Their rivalry has seen loyal followers of each shop take to social media to argue about which Ma’s is better. The Rhode Island Ma’s Bakery’s Facebook page has gotten hundreds of negative comments accusing it of dirty tactics. But while the Rhode Island Ma’s bakery is not denying the claims of its fans, they are defending their business name.

Hannah Lemieux owns Ma’s Donuts. Lemieux’s grandmother, Grandma Lemieux, is the inspiration behind the name. Lemieux and her family have been baking and selling their products for many months. Although Ma’s Donuts will be open for business in the coming months, it may take a while before the doors are opened. The Lemieux’s goal is to have the doors open by the end of this year.

Ma’s Donuts only makes a limited number of donuts per day. This means that most customers place orders by phone. Visiting at 6:45am on a Friday morning, Abner found that the shop did not have any donuts available for walk-in customers.

While the original store opened in 1984, the shop has since closed down. One employee, Ed Lemieux, has been making donuts for more than 25 years. This was his first job. He and his wife Sheila couldn’t keep up to the demand and had to close their shop before it closed.

Ma’s Donuts in New Bedford, MA
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