Matt Ryan Could Be a Heisman Trophy Candidate

Since beating Virginia Tech in the Heisman trophy game, Matt Ryan has been considered a possible Heisman candidate. According to Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown, the Atlanta Falcons thought about taking Glenn Dorsey as their third overall pick in 2008. Despite these concerns, the Falcons went with Ryan and have not looked back. Ryan is poised to become the next franchise quarterback and a first-round pick for the Atlanta Falcons.

The Colts passed up the chance to pick a replacement for Matt Ryan as the top quarterbacks fell in the draft. Instead, Indy used their top picks to address their needs in the short term, adding Jelani Woods and Alec Pierce, two athletic playmakers and a potential Week One starter at left tackle. Deshaun Watson was also signed by the Colts, who also lost a top quarterback prospect.

The Falcons picked up an edge-rusher on the second day. The trade that sent Matt Ryan from the Colts to the Falcons made this possible. The Falcons now have Malone as an edge-rusher to take the place of Matt Ryan. It’s difficult to predict if Ryan will be the first overall selection. It’s unlikely, but he could surprise. This would be a great deal for the Falcons, and one who is likely to be a top-10 pick in the NFL.

Another quarterback in the 2008 NFL Draft who has a chance to make the Colts proud is George Pickens. At six-foot-three, he is the fastest player in the draft and can burn defenses deep and over the middle. Unfortunately, his injury issues have cost him time, and his initial chances of going first overall were slim. With the Falcons’ third-round pick, Atlanta should take advantage of that and make a splash with him.

In exchange for a No. The 2022 NFL Draft’s 82nd overall pick. Ryan is a great player but he never became an elite NFL quarterback. He won 66 games in his first seven seasons, including one playoff match against the Seattle Seahawks. He is expected to be the next Super Bowl MVP. Atlanta will have to settle for another team.

The Falcons also got their hands on one of the best wide receivers in the draft in Jalen Nailor. The 6-foot-two receiver has the height and quickness to stretch the field and help quarterbacks in the red zone. While he’s a raw route runner, his ability to stretch the field and make big plays makes him an excellent fit in Atlanta’s scheme. The Falcons won’t regret taking Malone over his other options, but he should still have an opportunity to contribute to their offense.

Officially, the Falcons are in the quarterback market. If the Atlanta Falcons draft Ryan, they should pick him with their first pick. However, the Washington Capitals are believed to draft a QB at No. 11 overall. But that’s still a few months away. This gives them time to choose the right quarterback. And while many believe that a quarterback will be a top priority for a franchise quarterback, the fact remains that teams have a greater need for a franchise QB than ever before.

Matt Ryan Could Be a Heisman Trophy Candidate
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