Matt Stafford Signs a New Contract With the Rams

The new Matt Stafford contract will lower his cap hit by nearly $23 million while pushing his cap charge into the next three years. The Rams don’t have a lot of cap space to work with, but Stafford’s contract should allow them to remain competitive. However, the team must have other free agents in mind when signing Stafford. Allen Robinson, Joe Noteboom, Bobby Wagner, and Za’Darius Smith are also on the Rams’ radar. Both are searching for Chandler Jones-sized contracts.

Aside from his Super Bowl-winning performance, Stafford has also been a key part of the Rams’ recent success. After three game-winning drives in halftime, Stafford led the Rams to victory in the Super Bowl. Sean McVay, head coach, stated that Stafford’s new contract should be a top priority. What does this new contract actually mean for Stafford? It will ensure the future dependability and reliability of the Rams quarterback, as well as his team.

The four-year extension of the contract will be worth $135 million. The deal includes a $26 million option bonus and another $31 million in guaranteed money. Stafford is likely to remain the Rams quarterback for at least four years, and he has the potential to play into his 40s. The contract could be a bargain if he plays well into his 40s. A long-term contract for Stafford is always better than a short-term one.

Matthew Stafford could be the key to the Rams’ next Super Bowl run. The Rams will have a formidable defense, led by Aaron Donald, a great pass rusher, and a talented skill group. He would also become the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl. This would boost their chances of making it to the playoffs in 2019.

Stafford’s contract with the Rams is team-friendly, but it does have negative aspects. Although Allen Robinson has been signed to a three year deal by the Rams, Robert Woods was also sent elsewhere by the Rams. Robinson has been added to the team as a receiver who can make tough grabs in tight coverage. Robinson will thrive in the Rams offense with Cooper Kupp as his teammate.

If the Rams choose to keep Stafford, the new contract will cost them over $33 million in 2020 and 2021. Stafford’s signing bonus is worth over $10 million. That’s enough to keep him as the Rams’ quarterback for the next 14 seasons. The team expects Stafford to cost them around $50 million each year. If the Rams do go this route, they’ll be spending a lot of money to keep Stafford, but the Rams have to wait until the offseason to make that happen.

Stafford had the highest salary in Rams history, and is likely to stay in the team for a while. He was the Rams’ Super Bowl champion and he signed a $160 million contract. His age and health likely prevented the Rams from getting more than a low draft pick. They should consider retaining Odell Beckham Jr. or Allen Robinson. If this is the case the Rams have made the right decision.

Matt Stafford Signs a New Contract With the Rams
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