Matthew Stafford Could Have Signed a Bigger Contract

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When the Detroit Lions announced that quarterback Matthew Stafford had agreed to a new contract, the NFL world was stunned. After all, the former Michigan star had just traded two first-round picks to get Stafford. Then, he delivered a Super Bowl win and played the way that secured a contract extension. Now, Stafford will enter his 14th season and will earn more than $160 million over the next four years.

The Rams may want to consider restructuring Stafford’s contract to clear $17.5 million in cap space. It’s technically an extension, but the Rams would have to add void years and convert $21.5 million of base salary into a signing bonus. Stafford would then count $17.5 million against the Rams cap in 2020. So, what are the Rams’ options to avoid this dead money situation? They could sign another quarterback to free agency, or extend Stafford’s current deal.

Matthew Stafford has signed a four-year, $160 million contract with the Los Angeles Rams. That contract includes $60 million in signing bonus and $135 million guaranteed. It also includes an option bonus of $26 million and a $31 million guarantee in 2024. Despite the massive contract, Stafford is expected to stay with the Rams at least four years, and may even play into his early 40s. The Rams should be willing to give Stafford a five-year extension so that he can continue to develop.

The Rams acquired Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions last winter and are expected to use him as their Super Bowl MVP. But Stafford is still on a below-market contract, and the team’s ownership will likely be willing to give him a huge extension once free agency begins. This will help ensure that the team stays competitive and that Stafford is rewarded accordingly. But what do the Rams get in return for Stafford?

Last week, the Rams announced that Matthew Stafford has agreed to a four-year, $160 million extension with the Los Angeles Rams. That means that he will earn $183 million over the next five years in Los Angeles. But would he have signed a larger deal? Several analysts believe that he could have received a much larger salary. Nevertheless, it’s hard to say for sure.

Matthew Stafford is currently under contract for five years, which means that his next contract could be worth much more than his current deal. He is already the eighth highest-paid quarterback in the NFL’s all-time list. But that was back in 2009, before the new rookie wage scale came into effect. The fact that he could sign another deal worth $100 million is a sign that his value has skyrocketed in recent years. Only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are under $40 million a year.

In addition to Stafford’s hefty salary, the Rams also have an additional asset in their offense. In addition to Cooper Kupp, the Rams have added Allen Robinson via free agency. The addition of Allen Robinson gives Stafford a receiver capable of making difficult catches against tight coverage. He also has the opportunity to thrive alongside Cooper Kupp. But it’s hard to imagine Stafford staying in this team for five years.

Matthew Stafford Could Have Signed a Bigger Contract
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