Matthias Steiner’s fortune

Matthias Steiner is a former Austro-German weightlifter and Olympic gold medalist. How rich is Matthias Steiner?

Weightlifter. Born on August 25, 1982 in Vienna, Austria. Matthias Steiner’s fortune is estimated at around 4 million euros. Born in Austria, he took part in international competitions for Austria from 1998 to 2005, including European championships, world championships and the 2004 Summer Olympics. Although his wife died in a car accident, he continued his career as a weightlifter in Germany, finally receiving the German one in early 2008 Citizenship, won silver at the 2008 European Championships and gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Bourgeois name: Matthias Steiner
Spouses: Inge Posmyk (married 2010), Susann Steiner (married 2005-2007)
Children: Felix Steiner, Max Steiner
Matthias Steiner Height: 1.83 m
Nationality: Austrian-German
His career began: 2001

What is the net worth of Matthias Steiner?
Matthias Steiner’s assets are currently € 4 million.

Books: The Steiner principle, The Steiner principle – Your 12-week plan, successfully mastering life.
Is also often searched for: Inge Steiner, Frank Mantek, Ronny Weller, Manfred Nerlinger.

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Matthias Steiner’s fortune

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