Mega Millions 2011 Results

Whether you’ve been playing the Mega Millions for years or are new to the game, you can find the winning numbers from the 2011 draws right on this page. The results are listed alphabetically by drawing date and time so you can see the Megaplier, jackpot amount, and number winners for each tier. Mega Millions information page provides a more detailed explanation.

Only five states participated in the Mega Millions game before 2011. Texas, Washington, Louisiana, and Louisiana joined Mega Millions in September 2002, and March 2003, respectively. These states had their own version Powerball before the cross-sell expansion of 2010. Mega Millions was also available in California, Oregon, Maine, South Dakota, and Maine. Montana joined the Mega Millions game on March 1, 2010. Unlike previous years, this is the only state to offer both Powerball and Megaplier.

In the Mega Millions drawing, two machines work together to choose numbers randomly. The first machine, called Criterion II, is a giant machine manufactured by Smartplay International. It mixes the balls randomly by using counter-rotating arms. Five white balls are dropped into the drum and mixed together in a few seconds. If you happen to have a winning ticket, you’ll receive the prize in 30 graduated payments. You can still claim your winnings, even though the prize is not worth the same amount as the previous year’s payment.

Mega Millions offers the Just the Jackpot play as a second prize option. For $3 you’ll receive two chances to win the Mega Millions Grand Prize. These tickets will not be eligible for any other Mega Millions prize. You can still win the lottery by selecting the “Just the Jackpot” option, but it will only pay the jackpot. You may be interested in the Mega Millions prize structures if you have been playing the Mega Millions game for a while.

Mega Millions draws are held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:59 Eastern Time. The Georgia Lottery oversees this lottery, which is a joint venture of 12 original lotteries. The drawings are held at WSB-TV studios, Atlanta, Georgia. The hosts of the Mega Millions drawing are John Crow, Carol Blackmon, and Sabrina Cupit. If you have a lucky ticket, make certain you watch it live!

You can see the winning numbers online if you have won the Mega Millions Jackpot. The winner of the Mega Millions jackpot was drawn on Tuesday. It is not yet known who won it. You must match the first five numbers and the mega ball to win. Although there are many jackpot winners each week, only two people have ever won the prize. There are no other ways to win the jackpot than to have the first five numbers and the Mega Ball in the same winning ticket.

Mega Millions 2011 Results
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