Megan Eugenio – Overtime Net Worth

Overtime’s net worth is estimated at $600,000. The popular television and videogame show’s net worth is based on public information as well as internet sources such songs in the Popnable repository. Although the number may not be exact, it is still a good figure for the talented singer. To find out more about her net worth, read on. Listed below are some of the most important facts about Overtime’s career and net worth.

Overtime has a slew of NBA stars as investors. The company has received funding from Alexis Ohanian and Kevin Durant, as well as Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions Fund. Although the company is not listed on the stock exchange, players proudly support their brand. It also has the support of Morgan Stanley Counterpoint Global and Pelion Capital.

In addition to her television career, Overtime Megan also has a podcast. Her first episode of the podcast was uploaded on YouTube on 9 December 2021. The podcast features Juju Smith-Schuster, Overtime star, as she answers fans’ questions. Megan Eugenio has not disclosed her salary but her net worth is estimated to be between $150,000 and $350,000 based on her YouTube videos.

Overtime has more than two million subscribers. It has 1295 videos posted under the Basketball and Sports categories. The earnings of Overtime vary depending on the language used to upload the videos. The revenue of Overtime depends on the language, price, and current audience size. Overtime’s channel statistics must be updated regularly as data on the channel changes. The stats are broken down by day, and show that the channel’s growth rate is about 1.7% a week and 6.8% per month.

Overtime’s founders Dan Porter and CEO are working to expand their sports business with an estimated $250 million net worth. Overtime Elite, the new company, plans to launch a basketball league that is open to rising seniors and juniors in September. The league will pay its members $100,000 per year in revenue and be funded through marketing deals. The league will offer professional training to players, which will allow them to become high school basketball stars. If all goes well, the Overtime Elite basketball league will be worth more than $250 million.

Overtime earns $90 million as a TikTok Star, in addition to his video series earnings. His total property and net income are estimated at $1 million to $5 million. His popularity and the amount of work that he does are two major factors in his earnings. He owns a car and a house near Los Angeles. As a rapper, his net worth is estimated at $90 million.

Megan Eugenio – Overtime Net Worth
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