Meghan Trainor Bio, Lifestyle, and Net Worth


If you are wondering how much Meghan Trainor has made, you’ve come to the right place. Meghan Trainor is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has taken the music industry by storm with her unique sound. She has achieved the level of success that many dreams of, releasing two platinum albums and several hit singles. Her upbeat pop songs have been enjoyed by people all over the world and have won Trainor multiple awards. She is a true inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere, showing them that hard work can pay off in big ways. Read on more to know about her. 


Kelli and Gary Trainor are a dynamic duo of supportive parents and fans of Meghan’s music. Both Kelli and Gary had their musical backgrounds before their daughter was born, with Kelli being a former choir director for a local church, while Gary was part of an oldies band in his younger years. Together, they encouraged their daughter to explore her talent from an early age, providing her with piano lessons at age 5 as well as creating fun opportunities to sing at family gatherings.

Early life 

Meghan Trainor is an American singer and songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm. She was born in 1994, in Massachusetts to parents Kelli and Gary Trainor. Growing up, Meghan trained as a singer and songwriter from an early age. She began writing her songs when she was 11 years old and even taught herself how to play the guitar at 13. As a young adult, she attended Nauset Regional High School on Cape Cod where she ran track while continuing her musical pursuits on the side.

At 17 years old, Meghan moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. While there, she worked with several prominent writers and producers, preparing for the release of her debut album that same year – Title – which became certified platinum by the RIAA due to its incredible success.


She began singing at an early age and was encouraged by her parents who recognized her talent. She went on to attend Nauset Regional High School where she graduated with honours having taken part in musicals as well as learning guitar and piano from a young age. 

Following high school, Trainor attended Berklee College of Music for two semesters before deciding to focus on pursuing a career in music full-time rather than pursuing higher education.


Meghan Trainor is an American singer-songwriter and multi-platinum pop star. Trainor started recording her music when she was a teenager. In addition to her singing career, she has judged TV talent shows and worked as a music executive.

As an artist, Meghan Trainor also has a busy life. She has a successful career in music and television. She was a judge on Fox’s The Four: The Battle For Stardom in 2018, alongside music executives Charlie Walk and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. She also starred in the UK version of The Voice, where she appeared in season nine and did not return for season 10 due to her pregnancy.

Meghan Trainor’s debut album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and had three Top 10 singles.

She then released her next studio album “Thank You” and continued to enjoy strong sales. Her hit single “No” was released. The next day, she released the hit single “Me Too,” as well as the song “Better” featuring Yo Gotti. In support of her new album, Trainor embarked on a tour titled “The Untouchable Tour.” She teamed up with FullBeauty, a clothing line for plus-size women, and was featured in a TV ad for Bingo Blitz.

Meghan’s music career has made her popular all over the world, and she has released several albums. She has performed live shows and has worked with many famous artists.

Net worth 

She has a net worth of $14 million. While Meghan Trainor does not disclose her TV earnings, she has indicated that she is making a healthy income through her real estate investments. 

She has generated this wealth through her album sales, touring income, and endorsement deals with brands such as Fitbit and M&M’s.

Social media 

Meghan Trainor is a well-known singer, songwriter and record producer from Nantucket, Massachusetts. She is best known for her hit songs “All About That Bass” and “Dear Future Husband.” Meghan has also been nominated for several awards, including two Grammy Awards and one Billboard Music Award. As of 2021, she has over 8 million followers across her social media accounts. 

Meghan’s Instagram account features a variety of content related to her musical career; such as behind-the-scenes photos on set of music video shoots or promotional pictures with other artists she’s collaborated with. Fans can also expect to find announcements about upcoming releases on her page too. She also shares snippets of recent projects and tours that she’s taken part in on Twitter and YouTube.


Meghan Trainor is an American singer-songwriter and producer who has taken the world by storm with her unique sound and powerful lyrics. She has been praised for her strong voice and boldness to speak out on important topics, including body positivity, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights. In addition to her music career, Meghan Trainor is a passionate philanthropist who works to make the world a better place through various charitable activities. 

Trainor’s philanthropic efforts have focused primarily on helping those in need around the globe. She has donated time and money to organizations like “Feeding America” which provides food for hungry families in the United States. Additionally, she has raised funds for causes such as children’s education in developing countries, providing assistance for victims of natural disasters around the world, and supporting animal welfare initiatives.


Meghan Trainor, the pop-star sensation from Nantucket, Massachusetts, has captivated audiences around the globe with her powerful and soulful voice. But behind all the glitz and glam of fame is a story of struggle that few people know about. 

Trainor was born into music. Her family’s eclectic variety of musical styles inspired her to pursue a career in singing and songwriting. However, many doors were shut in her face due to her young age and lack of experience as an artist. She was determined to make it, however, and kept pushing forward with her dream despite facing many rejections during her early years as an artist.


Meghan Trainor is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. In December 2018, she took a major step in her life when she married actor, Daryl Sabara. The couple first met at a party in July 2016 and began dating soon after. Their relationship was made public only a few months later, but they managed to keep their engagement a secret until October 2017. 

The couple tied the knot on December 22nd, 2018 in an intimate ceremony held at the bride’s Los Angeles home attended by family and close friends. Meghan wore a beautiful white gown with a statement train as she walked down the aisle towards her husband-to-be who was dressed in an elegant black tuxedo. The ceremony featured decorations full of pink roses and peonies which added to its romantic ambience.


Meghan Trainor is an artist on the rise, taking the music industry by storm with her unique style and sound. She has achieved an incredible amount of success in a relatively short period, establishing herself as one of pop music’s most successful female artists. Her debut single “All About That Bass” became an international hit, reaching number 1 in more than 50 countries around the world. This was followed by her critically acclaimed debut album Title which reached number 1 in 8 countries and sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Since then she has released three further albums – Thank You (2016), Treat Myself (2019) and A Very Trainor Christmas (2020) – all of which debuted at the top of the charts and propelled Meghan to global superstardom.


In conclusion, Meghan Trainor has made a lasting impact on the music industry. From her soulful voice to her catchy lyrics, Meghan has demonstrated that she is here to stay. She continues to be an inspiration in the industry, especially for young women who strive to make their mark on the world. Her success is proof that hard work and dedication can lead to achieving one’s dreams.

Meghan Trainor Bio, Lifestyle, and Net Worth

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