Merle Bullies

Merle bullies come in three colors: lilac, blue, and chocolate. Blue Merle Bullies are the most common. Double merles result from breeding two merles. A double merle Bully dog with a brown eye can be bred with a merle. If you prefer a tri-color dog, you can request a merle American Bully puppy. It is best to research the breeder and inspect the dog thoroughly before signing any paperwork.

Merle Bullies are highly sought-after because of their many unique characteristics. Despite the increased health risks, the unique appearance and color of these dogs make them very desirable. Merles possess a unique gene that causes them to have mottled patches of color. While these patches are usually indistinguishable, merle Bullies still have solid color on the rest of their body. Merle bullies have one or two brightly colored eyes in addition to their unique color scheme.

A double merle American Bully can cost from $5,000 to $10,000. The price varies according to bloodline quality and the reputation of the breeder. The average American Bully will cost about $800. However, it is not guaranteed to have been purebred. A merle XL Bully is worth between $7,500 and $1,000. You can search for a Merle XL if you are looking for a pocket bully with more than one colour.

While these dogs are generally healthy, some issues with them can make them difficult to train. If your dog is born with the merle gene, its chances of having eye problems are higher than for dogs of other colors. It may also have extra eyelids or tissue that prevent the eye from fully developing. It can also be born without eyes. Merle Bullies may also be susceptible to eye problems.

A merle American Bully is distinguished by a mottled coat with patches of lighter color and an odd-colored eye. A merle Bully can be a chocolate, blue, or black merle dog. This coloration is a genetic trait that occurs in one or both parents. As such, it’s not a breed by itself. It is simply a different version of the American Bully breed.

However, double merles are not a sign of inferiority. Many merle bullies are disabled and have been deliberately bred. Unfortunately, unethical breeding practices continue. Double merles can also suffer from health problems due to their unique color. Some breeders purposely breed dogs with two merles to make them more appealing. While we’d like to prevent such practices, it’s important to educate ourselves about the dangers of this gene.

The full-grown merle Pocket Bully can be thirteen inches high, while a merle XXL can weigh up to 23 inches. This gives a good idea of the size of the dog, and the type you choose should be in proportion with your home and lifestyle. It is also important to note that there are several colors of merle Bullies. They are usually medium-sized dogs, but can grow to be quite big.

Merle Bullies
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