Merle Yorkie

Merle is a rare breed of dog that comes with a variety of colors. It is caused by a mutation that affects all the coat colors. Merles of brown and black are often called “red” while blue merles can be described as diluted versions of black. Merle dogs can be any color, contrary to common belief. They can have a chocolate, red or brown body and a black nose or piebald.

Merle Yorkies are a versatile breed that can be bred in any color. As a pet, these dogs are best trained from an early age. Early socialization and training will make them well-rounded dogs. They can be anywhere from 8 to 9 inches in height and seven to eight pounds in weight. They may be smaller than the standard Yorkie, but they can produce puppies of varying sizes. Tea cup Yorkies are more susceptible to genetic disorders and health problems.

While the Merle Yorkie is a rare breed, they are intelligent and cuddly. They can exhibit different personalities, ranging from playful to mischievous. This is due to a gene called the dilution gene. They also have a dark coat color. However, if the merle Yorkie is not socialized enough, it may grow suspicious and spiteful. This is nothing to be ashamed of!

Merle dogs are not common, but there are still health risks. Merle dogs that have merle genes may have eye and ear problems. Genetic testing is required before breeding merle puppies. If you want to avoid this problem altogether, you should consider adopting a non-merle yorkie. You can be certain that your dog’s merle colour is safe and that your merle Yorkie lives a long, healthy life.

There are four types of merle yorkies. Parti Yorkies consist of black merles with white patches. They can have white patches all over their bodies or tan patches. Parti Yorkies can also have golden or chocolate merles. And, while all of these colors are a unique breed of Yorkie, the merle coat is the most popular. This breed is known as a mixed-breed.

The traditional Yorkie coat is black and white. The merle Yorkie’s distinctive features include dappled spots and odd-colored eyes. While merle Yorkie coats are a unique breed of Yorkies, their merle counterparts don’t inherit the merle gene. These non-pure Yorkies are not bred to the same standard, but rather reflect the colors and temperaments of their parents.

Merle Yorkie
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