Meth Helper – How to Make Meth in Payday 2

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Meth Helper is a mod that deciphers incompetent meth cooking instructions and helps you get Border Crystals. This cheat is enabled with a keybind and can be disabled in the menu. It repeats the ingredient name until it is entered. It will not label you as a cheater. So, if you need to make meth, this is the mod for you.

You can find the ingredients for meth by searching in difficult-to-reach places within a house. These areas should be searched first before you go outside to gather the ingredients. For instance, you can open sheds and garages if there is enough room outside. In addition, you can also activate the flare outside the house and summon a helicopter, which drops a bag containing three full sets of ingredients.

Meth Helper – How to Make Meth in Payday 2
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